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{{monthlyRepayment}} MONTHLY REPAYMENT
{{totalPayable}} TOTAL PAYABLE
{{interest}} INTEREST
Raise an invoice With a minimum amount of {{(applyModel.amount / 0.85) | currency: "£" : 2}}.

{{(applyModel.invoiceAmount) | currency: "£" : 2}}

We pay you instantly An amount of {{(applyModel.amount) | currency: "£" : 2}} on invoice issue date

{{(applyModel.amount) | currency: "£" : 2}}

Your customer settles They settle the invoice by paying to us days later.

days later

You receieve You receive the remaining amount of {{youReceive() | currency: "£" : 2}}

{{youReceive() | currency: "£" : 2}}

days later
Actual loan amount and interest charge is subject to your application & company status.
Interest estimation for above calculation is 2%.
Invoice advance amount must be lower than 85% of the invoice amount.
Interest estimation for above calculation is 2%.

The {{ projectName }} Advantage

Trusted Direct Lender {{ projectName }} lends its own money, so there's no delays for you to receive your loan.
24/7 Around the clock We offer 24/7 support by phone or at We aim to response your queries within 60 minutes.
Full Transparency Together we agree a repayment schedule that works for you, and the amount never changes.
One Click Loans An application process with the minimum amount of inputs for you, built to be easy and convenient.
Quick Approval We aim to give you a decision in the same day that you complete your application.
Personal Dashboard View the progress of your loan and repayments calendar at any time by logging into your account.

How it works

Apply online, commitment free Applications can take as little as 10 minutes, with decisions often in under an hour. Review your loan offer before you decide to proceed.
Get approved, and get paid Accept your loan offer and provide your bank details. We transfer the money to you, same day.
Repay early and save on interest No penalties if you decide to make early repayments, and no fees.
Raise an invoice Raise a draft invoice, and upload it to the {{ projectName }} website as part of your application.
We review your application, and pay you up to 90% of the value of your invoice You issue the invoice with payment instructions we specify.
You liaise with your customer for payment Your customer pays the invoice into an account in your business's name.
You receive the balance when the invoice is paid You receive any amount over the outstanding loan balance.

Safe as a bank NEW

The privacy and security of your information is treated with the utmost importance. We use the latest technology to safeguard your vital information. Learn more about security
We use 128 bit encryption and physical security that banks use so that your information is kept private and confidential.
The benefits of
invoice financing
Applications can take as little as
10 minutes - with decisions that
are fast and fair.
Apply now
01 Access funds the same day you raise an invoice. Whether your invoice terms are 30, 60, up to 180 days, you can get paid today.
02 Choose the invoices you want funded. You're never tied into a long-term funding agreement - use {{ projectName }} only as often as you choose to manage your cashflow.
03 You manage invoice payment Use your existing accounts payable functions just as you would normally.
04 Fully confidential invoice funding Your customers pay into an account held in your name, with no need to know you've financed the invoice.
What our
customers say
Small business loans with {{ projectName }} are quick, simple, and secure. Here are what customers have to say about their experience with {{ projectName }}.
Lydia Gardner FLORIST I have just tried {{ projectName }} for the first time and received my loan really quickly. All I needed to do was choose the amount I wanted to borrow and decide how long I wanted to pay it back. I had a few questions but the relationship manager assigned to our application was very proactive in helping me through. It was so fast and easy that I was done in 5 minutes. I am very grateful to {{ projectName }} for making it so easy to get the funding for my business! Colin BrownBAKER I was really suprised to receive my loan money in such a short time after my application was accepted. The process was very easy, clear and fast, and it would have taken months to get it from the banks. There was no paperwork or hidden costs. The online application system gives you the option to choose how much time you need to pay the loan back and I have the option to make early repayments to save on interest costs. I am very glad I decided to go with {{ projectName }}.

Quick, flexible, and fair funding for your needs.